Friday, May 30, 2014

babywearing rocks!

now, im in love with babywearing
and i choose woven wraps as my gear to wear my dear son

ajan. my cousin. 
the one who racun me into this arena
actually, she's not racun me.
i myself lure myself into this hazardous arena
i myself asking her to bring her woven wrap to my house
then, all i know after that was
i am deeply in love with it

why hazardous?

because the 1st woven wrap own by me cost rm400
2nd woven wrap cost rm600
3rd woven wrap cost rm560
4th woven wrap cost me rm500
(disclaimer:bukan nak riak disini okeh)

im so demmmmmmm!!!!


my woven wrap is toooo toooo far from perfect/good/great woven wrap ever exist 

and im craving to have 1 of them as my collection
but where to find the money?

you can google how much ARTIPOPPE/PAVO/BEBE SACHI/ETLA sling wrap i adore cost and tell me im not insane (or demm)

anyway.. dream is good.
so keep pray 

my hubs, he into it as well
of course. he is my hubs after all.
the supportive one :)

let wear your kids
not every time they will be a baby
and enjoy having both hands to do what u like to do

happy babywearing peeps! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

kak long sya

update on kak long sya pulak
kaklong sya dah 4++ yo
big girl dah

dia syang dekat adik dia
sometimes boleh harap dia tengok tengok kan adik dia kejap
or pujuk adik time adik nanes

she is my dear daughter
bijak, nakal semua bercampur
memang selalu buat mama menyinga
but afterall, mana ade budak behave sesangat at this age kan? 

tapi kalau dah perempuan tu..perempuan la jugak
hati lembut
senang merajuk
kene peluk cium cukup favourite :)

done updated!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

adik :)

salam semua

at office still.siapakan kerja sikit.
sementara tunggu verification flows siap..mohla update blog yang bersawang sawang nih!

so.. update on aqeel
he is 
6++ mo dy

pics as below :)

ok.selelsai letak gambar.

sekian :)