Monday, February 2, 2009

BanGkiT AsaL by HaLiM YaZiD

while me route my layout..suddenly tiz song played in my winamp..
dikir barat by title BANGKIT ASAL from HALIM YAZID.

before tiz, i didnt really pay attention on wut the lyric all about.
then today, i realize..the lyrics is so sad..but got many things to learn on.
it's make me cried.. seyes..m crying listened to tiz song

tiz song told us bout how halim yazid 's life.
from nobody to somebody.

how he really wanted to succeed in his study at university to help his family.

how people even his relative didnt care bout his family being suffered.

how the teacher punished him for not having a tracksuit for sport.

how his siblings need to be separated to moving on in life.

but the most touchy moment..
is when he told us in the lyrics..

that his parents were very happy on his convocation.

seyes beb..we can learn many things from tiz song..
learn from halim yazid's true life.

ps/: boleh dedicated utk budak2 yg nak amik pekse. baru dia tahu mcmne harapan makbapak kat dia~