Thursday, December 9, 2010

aleesya is 9 months old today :)

Dear Aleesya,

you're now 9 months old. how time flies. sekejap je dah 9 bulan. 9 beb. 9 bulan. be a momma for my adorable daughter, aleesya..adelah amat worth it. you're is ok with everyone. you doesnt cried or struggled to free yourself from unfamiliar faces. you will always smile or laugh when people teased you, or played with you. your baby sitter said, you like me.always smile and laugh. well, mane tumpahnye kuah kalo bukan ke nasi kan? ;) im happy cause you're not budak-dok-bawah-ketiak-mama saje.

aleesya's milestone

you are now 9.43kg 4 days ago. maybe you edi 9.5kg as today? maybe. hehehhe! im not measured your i donno. but you are quit tall. sekali lagi, mane tak tumpah kuah kalo idak ke nasinye. tak gitu? baby sitter aleesya kate, baju aleesya yang dulu kalo pakai ketat kat perut dah longgar sikit, tapi seluar pulak dah senteng. see, anak mama taller and slimmer than before. i like.hahahha!

teeth: you have 2 teeths. yes. only 2 for now. :)

mama still feed you with fruit/vegie puree and fruit/vegie porridge. tapi mama sudah start awak dengan ayam this week. :) . mama stil pumping for ur milk at the office. but once in the day. malam malam if mama rajin, mama will pump. tapi memang sekarang you are getting 50% of ebm and 50% FM when you are at you babysitter's house. but still, you make me worried about how you doesnt like to drink milk. ebm or fm. milk fresh form farm is the only milk you will drink without problem. only your babysitter know the best how to handle you with milk. even abah dah fedup. heehehhe.

awesome stuff you're doing now:
you love to crawl everywhere. mama have to built a "benteng" to avoid you from going to forbid area. hehehe. your favourite area is near the tv. then after watched one video in youtube mama got idea how to build some "kukuh benteng". mama put a coffee table in front of the tv. so you cant get any near to the tv and astro decoder and i can save my money to buy spectacle for you later on. :)

you pull up on everything (everything like my leg, my hand, my knee even my tudung. tapi mostly u pull up on the sofa la) and several times this weeks you've let go your hand and completely stood by yourself for a few second. then you fall. hahahahha. nevermind baby, practise make perfect!

everytime i sang twinkle twinkle little star, you will do like tutp-buka-tutup-buka ur finger like star. yeah. lesson learn. clever girl. but you still dont know to clap your hand when i sang tepok amai amai. kena trained more ni.ok aleesya? sometimes you will waive your hand when i said" bye bye" but mostly you will put your finger inside your mouth when i said bye bye. haiyaa!!!

and the most funny is, you like to membebel. macam mak nenek.

ade banyak lagi yang aleesya dah pandai buat. but for now, ni je la yang mama sempat type for you. im proud of you and i love you so much.

everytime i look into ur eyes, look at your face, mama rase sayang sangat sangat. taktau nak describe banyak mana. and im sorry aleesya, bila mama banyak keje, mama selalu paksa aleesya tido awal so then mama boleh start buat keje. tapi you still want to play and mama akan babab aleesya kalo aleesya nanges nanges takmo tido.

aritu abah kata, aleesya ngantuk tapi dok tahan mata takmo tido. nak borak borak teman abah beli mcd drive thru.pastu mama macam..aleesya sanggup tahan mata nak main ngan mama ngan abah. tapi mama plak asek nak soh aleesya tido. jahat kan mama? im sorry baby..

mama promise, lepas ni mama tak babab aleesya dah kalo aleesya nak main takmo tido.

ok aleesya. happy 9 months birthday. mama sayang aleesya banyak banyak.

love you sokmo aleesya


sharEna said...

terasa kecilnya Naurah ku...
9kg vs 7.2kg...kui kuiii...
hepi 9 months aleesya!!
kiss anT sket..mmuahhhhs =)

murn!e said...

hehehe.ok ape 7.2kg? ringan. sng nk dokong. heheheh.

tq auntie.:)